How We Work

Our Approach

Specification Development
We meet with each of the key client executives involved in the assignment to fully understand the
organization’s structure, job content, and personal qualities and career experience necessary. Working with the client, we then establish position specifications and agreement on the search’s goals. This includes concurrence on target organizations, expected compensation, reporting relationships, and job profile.
In today’s marketplace, clients must move quickly to attract the right candidate. Over the years, Eastman & Beaudine has developed a comprehensive database that is updated continuously with outstanding candidates and sources. We identify and confirm target sources, which enables us to present both top industry executives as well as non-traditional, out-of-the-box candidates.
When a position opens within a major sports or entertainment entity, word spreads rapidly. Senior staff members are quickly consumed with mountains of paperwork (applicant resumes, emails, recommendations and nomination letters) as well as phone calls by potential candidates, current employees, and sports/entertainment executives offering potential candidate choices. Eastman & Beaudine assists as a buffer for these calls so that each call is handled correctly and the process is honored.
We determine the candidate’s interest in the position and facilitate the introductions. Confidentially, we coordinate interview sites and travel arrangements between the clients and potential candidates.
Resume/Education Verification
Recent national, front-page news has shown the importance of an early verification process for each candidate’s education and previous employment history. Eastman & Beaudine has developed an easy, effective and timesaving system to complete the authentication process. This is an essential step that protects the client’s integrity and values.
Eastman & Beaudine believes there are no short cuts on this essential step. We provide objective and in-depth reference information and input regarding the candidate’s track records, achievements, qualities, and attributes. In addition to standard news searches and Google reviews, we conduct interviews equivalent to 360-degree studies because we interview people who have a variety of relationships with the candidate. We conduct a sufficient number of reference checks to minimize bias and validate patterns of behavior.
Closing the Deal
The end of a search is just as important as the beginning. We manage candidate and client expectations, provide assistance with contract negotiations and facilitate clear and consistent communication until successful completion.
Cost Factor
The end cost of using a professional firm is usually insignificant relative to the cost of employing an unqualified executive or to the potential gain when the right individual is selected. Our fee arrangements are always agreed upon prior to starting the assignment and are based on a percentage of the employee’s first year’s total compensation in addition to our normal out of pocket and travel expenses.