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"It had been quite a few years since we had an opening on my Executive Staff at the Heat, so when I found myself with one I called around to a bunch of people in the industry that I really respect and the advice was unanimous- call Bob Beaudine. I did, and it was a call I will never regret. Bob was everything I was told he would be and more; I could not be happier with both the process and the results." Eric Woolworth, President of Business Operations, Miami HEAT

"Eastman & Beaudine is so wired into the executive recruitment world that it appears Bob and his team knows things are going to happen before the people hiring know what’s going to happen." Rob Correa, Executive Vice President, Programming, CBS Sports

"Bob’s practice has grown to where today he is the go-to guy for sports organizations looking to find the difference maker for their program or organization. He works relentlessly for his clients and has built the best network and reputation in sports." Rick Welts President & COO, Golden State Warriors

"There is no better search firm in the country than Eastman & Beaudine. They work diligently to provide the very best candidates for the job. Their experience, professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication are unmatched." Rick George, former President of Business Operations, Texas Rangers; now Director of Athletics, Colorado

Sports Illustrated named Bob Beaudine The Top Front Office Matchmaker in Sports.

Eastman & Beaudine has successfully filled jobs at every level in the sports industry. The firm works extensively in meeting client needs in seeking direction, assessment and counsel to build their senior leadership teams. Eastman & Beaudine believes the ultimate goal of a search is to find that one person who is not only the best of the best technically, but also a person who matches the core values and culture of the organization.

Core Industry

  • Professional Sports Franchises
  • Major Entertainment Entities
  • Media Corporations

For 40 plus years, Eastman & Beaudine has been called upon to recruit outside directors to both public and private corporate boards. CEOs today look for board members who provide strategy and have the ability to create and foster corporate vision, who assist in determining whether strategic or financial mergers are in the companies best interest and bring an objective, outside perspective to the decision making process. Of particular interest and expertise is bringing top diversity candidates to boards. We also assist with board counsel and recruitment, helping strengthen board structure and improve performance in all areas.

Areas of Expertise

  • Board of Directors
  • President
  • Ticket Sales
  • Account/Brand Management
  • Director of Marketing

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