What People Are Saying

“It had been quite a few years since we had an opening on my Executive Staff at the Heat, so when I found myself with one I called around to a bunch of people in the industry that I really respect and the advice was unanimous….call Bob Beaudine. I did, and it was a call I will never regret. Bob was everything I was told he would be and more; I could not be happier with both the process and the results.”

Eric Woolworth, President of Business Operations, Miami HEAT

“I am deeply appreciative to Bob Beaudine and his staff at Eastman & Beaudine for their assistance in facilitating an efficient, seamless search process. Their commitment to quickly identifying top candidates and their attention to detail in meeting our needs allowed me to focus on the hiring decision with confidence that the applicant pool was of the highest caliber.”

Dr. Rodney D. Bennett, President, University of Southern Mississippi

“Eastman & Beaudine get the job done. Bob is high energy, candid and has a 21st century view of executive leadership.”

Jim Delany Commissioner, Big Ten Conference

“When NBA teams travel to Dallas to play the Mavs, the American Airlines Center is not their only stop. Many coaches and administrators travel a few short miles up the toll way to visit with Bob Beaudine. It is well known that Bob has his finger on the pulse of opportunities within the NBA, both at the league level and its member teams.”

George Killebrew, SVP Corporate Sponsorship, Dallas Mavericks

“Eastman & Beaudine has developed an incredible reputation! They have become invaluable by turning a challenging endeavor into a smooth and highly successful process.”

Rick Baker, Executive Director , AT& T Cotton Bowl Classic

“Bob’s practice has grown to where today he is the go-to guy for sports organizations looking to find the difference maker for their program or organization. He works relentlessly for his clients and has built the best network and reputation in sports.”

Rick Welts President & COO, Golden State Warriors

“Eastman & Beaudine has distinguished themselves as the premier executive search firm. I don’t know of another group that can provide the same range of services with the highest level of quality.”

Britton Banowsky, Commissioner Conference USA

“Eastman & Beaudine stand very tall in the world of intercollegiate search firms.

Craig Thompson, Commissioner, Mountain West Conference

“Eastman & Beaudine is so wired into the executive recruitment world that it appears Bob and his team knows things are going to happen before the people hiring know what’s going to happen.”

Rob Correa, Executive Vice President, Programming, CBS Sports

“Bob Beaudine has proven he can perform and deliver — in a very professional, thorough and confidential manner. I recommend his services without any reservations.”

Karl Benson, Commissioner of the Sun Belt Conference

“Eastman & Beaudine has earned the trust and respect of Division 1A athletic administrators. They have successfully completed numerous searches for athletic directors and head coaches across the country.”

Dutch Baughman, Executive Director, Div. 1A Athletic Directors Association

“Eastman & Beaudine helped us identify and select the ideal person to lead our athletics department to the next level of excellence.”

Roderick J. McDavis, President, Ohio University

“Eastman & Beaudine”s services are invaluable. They delivered on what was promised in a very timely way.”

Dr. John D. Welty, President, Fresno State

“There is no better search firm in the country than Eastman & Beaudine. They work diligently to provide the very best candidates for the job. Their experience, professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication are unmatched.”

Rick George, former President of Business Operations, Texas Rangers; now Director of Athletics, Colorado

“Eastman & Beaudine is the industry leader for intercollegiate athletic searches. They have built a track record for delivering the best possible candidates to the institution with the highest standard of integrity and confidentiality.”

Ian McCaw, Athletic Director, Baylor University

“Bob Beaudine has been active in athletic hires for many years now. I found him to be very professional and qualified. When he’s working on a hire for an Institution, he leaves no stone unturned.”

DeLoss Dodds, Athletic Director, University of Texas

“We’ve gone to Eastman & Beaudine for assistance in finding the right executive to help move our business forward multiple times, and each time they’ve delivered to us a group of highly qualified and successful candidates that we could never have assembled on our own. When you work with Eastman & Beaudine be prepared to make some very tough decisions because they’ll give you the very best to choose from.”

Fred A. Whitfield, President & COO, Bobcats Sports & Entertainment

“Eastman & Beaudine brings passion, vision, and quality to the work they conduct on behalf of their clients. Bob Beaudine is the leader in the field of intercollegiate athletics and is a trusted and respected colleague.”

Jon Steinbrecher, Commissioner, MAC

“What impressed me most about Bob Beaudine was that while he clearly understood that the Hawks were the client, he approached the search working for the candidates as well, recognizing that it had to be the right match for both parties to achieve unqualified success. His insight into creating the perfect cultural fit was uncanny, and that, combined with his incredible passion and unparalleled ‘reach’, delivered an incomparable level of service. Bob gets it, he’s a winner.”

Bob Williams, President, Atlanta Hawks & Philips Arena